Our events are for everyone who
…want more fun in finding friends & partners.
…find online dating too superficial.
…who don’t want to be in awkward 1:1 situations.
…who just want a cool event with fun and cool people.

Meetalike allows you to meet several cool people in one evening in a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of fun.

1. sign up: Alone, or in pairs with a partner. If you sign up alone, we will provide you with a partner.

2. have fun: As a team, you’ll move through 3 bars in one evening, sitting at a table with 6-8 people each round. The bars are always within walking distance. Finally there will be a closing event with all participants.

3. Matching: Throughout the evening and afterwards, you can share live who you like.

4. meet again: If there is mutual interest, we will announce your match and you can meet again that evening.

Each round you sit at a table of 6-8 people. In total, you will meet 13 (including your team partner) to 19 new people. At the final event all participants of the evening come together. (So also additional groups)

You are interested in participating in Meetalike, but our offer is not yet available in your city? Then send us an email to kontakt@meetalike.de. The more interest your city shows, the more likely we are to be available to you.

The evening will proceed as follows:

  1. Meeting in Bar 1 – one and a half hours
  2. Meeting in Bar 2 – one hour
  3. Meeting in bar 3 – one hour
  4. Final event with all participants – open end

You will go to each round with your team partner. You will not see anyone twice before the final event.

The first meeting is deliberately a bit longer, so that you have the chance to relax and have something to eat. Round two and three are one hour each. In our experience, this is just the right balance between “What? Already over?” and “What? Still here?”. This maximizes anticipation for the final event.

The bars are chosen so that you can reach them within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance. Please remember to pay your bill at each bar.

At Meetalike, there are no rigid age limits. Instead, the registered participants are put into ideal groups with the help of a specially developed algorithm. Of course, age is strongly taken into account here, so you will meet people of your own age. The basis is the age given at the time of booking. Depending on the number of registrations, the variance within the individual groups increases.

Yes, we pay attention to a balanced men-women ratio. However, since teams of three are sometimes formed, there may be a 4:3 ratio or, in extremely rare cases, a 4:2 ratio.

If you sign up alone, we will assign you a team partner based on our specially developed matching algorithm.

In some cases, teams of three are formed so that teams that have already registered can receive an additional team member. We do this to further optimize getting to know each other and to support an ideal event experience.

We will send you a message before each round with the most important information about the next round. In addition, the message contains a unique link available for you. Open the link in your browser. On this website you can submit likes. If there is a mutual like, we will let you both know immediately.

One day before the event we will send you the exact schedule of the evening. This will include the bars and times you will be there, as well as the name(s) of your team partner(s). Remember your cell phone on the evening itself and check your spam folder regularly before the event.

The bars are all in the center of your city and are within walking distance of each other, so you can get to all of them quickly.

If you want to withdraw as a participant, this is possible according to the terms and conditions up to 7 days before the event. You will not receive a refund. Instead, the organizer is entitled to suggest a new date in a city or to offer you a voucher.

Please note that if you cancel at short notice, you will be responsible for the event experience of all participants. So always remember that you’re standing up all the other participants and missing out on the chance to have a cool evening yourself.

When booking, you can register as an individual or in a team of 2. You will need to fill out the required registration information for each booking. You will then go through the bars together that evening.

Each participant receives his own messages in the evening and can independently express his sympathy for the other participants (yes, even for his team partner) without his team partner finding out.

You may also be assigned a third team member. This is when our algorithm builds this team composition for an ideal event experience.

You will receive the schedule one day in advance. This contains all the information you need. In addition, we will send you a compact reminder with the most important information before each round. Be sure to take your cell phone with you.

Answer not found? Then simply send us an e-mail to kontakt@meetalike.de.